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Chris gives an in depth awareness training session to an audience in an office

Business Training

It may shock you to learn, that ignoring the needs of people with disabilities as a potential customer base, costs UK businesses around £1.8 billion per month. 75% of disabled people and their families also say they have left a shop or other business because it failed to meet their needs. Furthermore- two-thirds of the British public (67%) admit... read more »

Chris providing training at Coutts bank in London

University Training and Consultancy

At Bascule Disability Training we aim to support the needs of universities in their ongoing efforts to becoming a fully accessible institution. Our proven experience in providing leading universities in developing an organisational approach to disability equality means we can: Provide the support required to ensure your institution reaches all the necessary and desired quality standards Deliver awareness training to staff members... read more »

Chris at a school

Schools and Teachers

Our training in schools enables children to develop an awareness of disability, allowing them to learn about the needs, challenges and unique life experiences of disabled people. We aim to create positive attitudes towards disability by encouraging children of all age groups to explore and understand disability through interactive workshops, games and debates. The bespoke and unique training packages for... read more »