Improving Disability Awareness in a Pub
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Improving Disability Awareness in a Pub

Busy bar staff

CASE STUDY: Improving pub staff awareness and customer service

The Challenge

When one of the busiest and best-known and pubs in Sussex approached Chris Jay- it was already facing negative publicity following its accidental response to a customer with a disability.

An incident had occurred between a customer with a hidden disability and a member of staff, involving a decision to ask the customer to leave as they were mistaken for someone who was intoxicated. As a result, the incident generated the attention of both the local and national press.

This scenario clearly revealed that there was a significant gap in the pub’s staff training and their understanding of disability, therefore the manager immediately sought the services of a disability awareness training provider.

The Solution

The manager of the pub implemented a workplace development training programme with Chris Jay.

All members of the public house’s workforce, including customer facing staff such as bar staff and security workers, undertook the training. The programme, which took place on the premises, covered many issues including correct use of language, etiquette, communication and the creation of inclusive public environments.

The content of the programme was tailored to improve the pub’s general understanding of disability, whilst helping it to offer more of an inclusive service and environment.

The Benefits

Following completion of the workplace awareness training the pub’s entire workforce became better equipped to provide an inclusive service. The focus of the training also meant that all staff had developed an awareness of the various forms of disability- especially hidden disabilities- and that empathy and understanding should be maintained at all times.


“The training was exactly what we needed. It was insightful, informative and useful. All participating staff members found it very engaging. We now think more directly about our customers as individuals and we are conscious that assumptions are avoided. Our perception of disability has certainly improved and consequently, inclusivity in the bar has also improved following the training. We now consider ourselves an establishment that is disability aware.”  Manager, of the pub.