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Compass Accountants logo

Compass Accountants

Compass Accountants is an organisation that is committed to providing the highest possible standard of customer service. As an employer previously shortlisted for The News' Business Excellence Awards as ‘Employer of the Year’- it also aims to maintain its excellent reputation as an employer.The directors of the business made a decision to develop their appeal to both clients and... read more »

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Critical Software

Case Study - CRITICAL Software CRITICAL Software provides systems and software services for safety, mission and business-critical applications, helping to ensure that its clients meet the most demanding quality standards for safety, performance and reliability. As an organisation that is committed to recruiting the highest calibre of staff, CRITICAL Software is keen to appeal to a wider network of potential employees.... read more »

Chris providing training at Coutts bank in London

Coutts Bank

CASE STUDY - Coutts Bank Invests in Disability Awareness Training As a leading private bank and wealth management organisation- disability awareness is of great importance to Coutts bank. Following its decision to further develop disability awareness, Chris Jay was selected to deliver its training to a group of employees from a range of departments, from senior level employees to graduate... read more »

Busy bar staff

Improving Disability Awareness in a Pub

CASE STUDY: Improving pub staff awareness and customer service The Challenge When one of the busiest and best-known and pubs in Sussex approached Chris Jay- it was already facing negative publicity following its accidental response to a customer with a disability. An incident had occurred between a customer with a hidden disability and a member of staff, involving a decision to ask... read more »

Trainees try sign language

Southampton City Council

Developing accessible tourism   The Tudor House and Garden, SeaCity Museum, and Southampton City Art Gallery are three of Southampton’s largest tourist attractions, regularly drawing large numbers of visitors to their venues. In 2011 and 2012, two of the buildings underwent a refurbishment and during this process, Southampton City Council were advised by consultants to improve accessibility across these attractions. However, in... read more »

Coat hangers

Large UK clothing retailer

CASE STUDY Changing staff attitudes with a major UK retailer As a large British clothing retailer with over 500 outlets in the UK, the provision of accessible facilities that cater for the needs of people with disabilities is essential. However, a fully accessible outlet is of little use if the people employed by your organisation lack an inclusive mind-set. This particular... read more »

Training in Coutts' offices

Coutts Bank – Team Leader Training

Having previously trained various members of the Coutts workforce, Bascule returned to provide further disability awareness training. This time, the leading private bank and wealth management organisation required training specifically for its staff members working in managerial positions. Managing Director at Bascule, Chris Jay visited the Coutts, UK headquarters in London, and delivered a training programme which addressed various... read more »