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Hands cover ther eyes of a woman meaning she is unable to see.

Being aware of what you can’t see….

Disclosing hidden disabilities in the workplace When most people think of disability, the first thing that usually springs to mind is a wheelchair user. If you think about it, the universal sign for disability is a wheelchair- so why wouldn’t we make that association? Well, one reason is that only around 8% of the UK’s 14 million people with disabilities use...

Imogen Steele- Bascule's Marketing and Media Assistant

Bascule Welcomes Imogen!

Bascule Disability Training is delighted to welcome on board, Imogen Steele- who joins us as an Marketing and Media Assistant helping with our copywriting, marketing content and social media. We asked Imogen a few questions to learn more about her, her interests and her connection to disability awareness…. Tell us about your background?  I was born with cerebral palsy quadriplegia....

Various different paper labels are laid out on a white background

Removing the labels

It’s human nature for us to want to label things, to classify and categorise. Whether it’s places, animals, inanimate objects, planets, we compartmentalise virtually everything we come across in an attempt to try and gain a stronger understanding of the world we live in. And it’s not just the things around us that get labelled- we also have a desire...

A black and white official Social Enterprise UK Logo

Bascule becomes a ‘Social Enterprise UK’ member

We are delighted to announce that Bascule Disability Training is now an official member of Social Enterprise UK – the leading global authority and largest network of social enterprises in the UK. Members of the network include private businesses, charities and public sector organisations who support a shared vision of a world where social enterprise is the ‘usual way of...

A man in a suit faces steps and is prevented from going any further as he is a wheelchair user

Inclusive Recruitment

In our last blog, Bascule’s MD, Chris Jay answered a question based around the benefits of recruiting people with a disability. Here, he provides a few basic tips on how to make the process of recruitment as inclusive as possible, ensuring that people with disabilities can apply for the role.     The process of recruitment...

A man in a suit in a business environment who is a wheelchair user, appears to accept a job, whilst shaking hands with the interviewee.

Q&A- Do I have to employ a person with a disability?

This week, our Managing Director- Chris Jay- answers questions on employing people with disabilities posed by the owner of a small business… Q- Do I have to employ a person with a disability? There is no law that stipulates that you ‘have to employ a person with a disability’. If, for example you are a small business, employing only three people-...

A road sign displays the words equality in front of a blue summery sky.

Q&A - What does the Equality Act 2010 mean to my business?

Q&A with Chris Jay This week, our Managing Director- Chris Jay- answers questions on The Equality Act posed by the owner of a medium sized business…   What does the Equality Act 2010 mean to my business? A. Firstly, it’s great that you are aware of the Equality Act as you would be surprised at the number of...

Many people are at a bar, the image is blurred to indicate busyness.

Inclusivity and awareness in the pub

Chris Jay, the Managing Director of Bascule Disability Training, was recently asked by 'In A Pub' Magazine, how pub landlords and managers can improve disability awareness in pubs- This was his answer...    Inclusivity and awareness in the pub Last year, a report from the House of Lords argued that the pubs which are failing to provide access for disabled people should...

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