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Bascule lowers costs of disability awareness training to combat rise in hate crimes

A recent soar in hate crimes against people with disabilities has led Bascule to offer businesses in Hampshire, Sussex and London a reduced rate for disability awareness training. Following October’s release of a report that revealed a shocking 22% national increase in disability hate crime since last year, (and a 71% rise in online hate crime), Bascule Disability...

Imogen Steele- Bascule's Marketing and Media Assistant

Imogen attends a roundtable discussion on the experience of disabled students

Our Marketing and Media Assistant, Imogen Steele, was recently invited to attend a roundtable discussion organised by Policy Connect and the HE Commission. Policy Connect is a cross-party think tank improving people’s lives by influencing policy. The event aimed to analyse the experience of disabled students at university. Former students with disabilities and their representatives, attended to give evidence on...

About 30 graduates throw their hats into the air in celebration of graduating on the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

How universities can improve their support for students with disabilities

Imogen Steele recently joined the Bascule team as a Marketing and Media Assistant. Here she provides us with a blog that describes her experiences at university, explaining how her the shortcomings of the uni made life as a student with a disability very hard... With the school system often failing students with additional needs, the number of individuals with physical...

Picture of a person with their hand on an open hotel room door

Did you hear the one about the accessible wet room with a step…?

The hazy definition accessibility in hotels As someone who is a wheelchair user and a regular hotel guest, booking an “accessible” room has always been quite a bugbear for me, and not something that has gotten much easier over time. Don’t get me wrong, a majority of the hotels I visit have flawless customer service. Members of staff are...

The teacher in the classroom appears to ask a question- all the children raise their hands apart from one child at the back of the class.

The difficult journey through mainstream education as a disabled student

Imogen Steele recently joined the Bascule team as a Marketing and Media Assistant. Here she provides a blog that describes her experiences and the barriers she endured throughout primary education and how a lack of understanding of disability is causing the system to fail children with disabilities...  Born in the middle of August 1995, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy...

Hands cover ther eyes of a woman meaning she is unable to see.

Being aware of what you can’t see….

Disclosing hidden disabilities in the workplace When most people think of disability, the first thing that usually springs to mind is a wheelchair user. If you think about it, the universal sign for disability is a wheelchair- so why wouldn’t we make that association? Well, one reason is that only around 8% of the UK’s 14 million people with disabilities use...

Imogen Steele- Bascule's Marketing and Media Assistant

Bascule Welcomes Imogen!

Bascule Disability Training is delighted to welcome on board, Imogen Steele- who joins us as an Marketing and Media Assistant helping with our copywriting, marketing content and social media. We asked Imogen a few questions to learn more about her, her interests and her connection to disability awareness…. Tell us about your background?  I was born with cerebral palsy quadriplegia....

Various different paper labels are laid out on a white background

Removing the labels

It’s human nature for us to want to label things, to classify and categorise. Whether it’s places, animals, inanimate objects, planets, we compartmentalise virtually everything we come across in an attempt to try and gain a stronger understanding of the world we live in. And it’s not just the things around us that get labelled- we also have a desire...

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