Ignoring customers with disabilities costs UK businesses £1.8 billion per month

Our training enables you to reap the rewards of inclusivity

67% of the British public feel ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘awkward’ talking to disabled people

Our bespoke training improves inclusivity, raises awareness and increases confidence

53% of people with disabilities have experienced bullying or harassment at work because of their impairment

Policy alone is not enough - Let us help you to build a truly inclusive workplace

Building bridges between people with disabilities and businesses

Our unique disability awareness training empowers you to provide open, inclusive organisations, for both your staff and your target clientele. Through user-led, interactive modules and workshops, we provide workforces with a firmer understanding of disability and its organisational benefits.

As a Social Enterprise, Bascule Disability Training is committed to reinvesting 75% of all profits into the delivery of free disability awareness workshops to state schools.